MOST PEOPLE spend more time during the workweek on their email than they do with their families. They lose a quarter of every day recovering from interruptions, primarily due to email.
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The Guide to NOT Checking Email will give you the exact steps for emptying your inbox while freeing hours in your day to do real work. You will learn:

If you could cut your email time down to a quarter of what it is now, what would you do with that time? Think about it.

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Jared Goralnick has been training people like you to overcome distractions and information overload since 2002.

Jared's clients include the FBI, NIST, HP, and hundreds of others. He founded a productivity training business seven years ago, and last year launched AwayFind, an online email productivity application.

Jared has written for Lifehacker and Cutter Consortium, and has been featured in media outlets like NPR, Gartner, and The Guardian. You can find Jared speaking about productivity around the globe, and writing about it regularly at

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that walks you through how to clear your inbox, even if it has thousands of messages.

Not only is this good-looking, but it has the key information coaching clients ask me all the time: how to effectively batch email and how to use filters to keep less urgent email out of their inbox. I recommend reading this if you haven’t mastered your email.

—Andrew McDuffee